Welcome to AnnAvanse Verrettes!

Annavanseverrettes.org wants to be the bridge between the world and the small Commune of Verrettes. We want to use this era of technology  for the advancement of our Community. The town of Verrettes has so much to be proud of. All Verrettians take great pride in their town being the birthplace of a President who has not brought blemish upon his people, Mr. Dumarsais Estimé.
Born in humble conditions he was surrounded with people who valued Education, Progress, Integrity. After the death of his parents he was blessed enough to be taken charge of by his uncle Mr. Estilus Estimé. Estilus Estimé was at some point the Mayor of the town who built the School of Saint Michel/ Filles de Marie. When Dumarsais Estimé  became president, he quickly demonstrated that he was about change. For a man who spent less than 4 years in power, building the town of Belladère near the Haitiano-
 dominican border, building the Bi-centenaire park of Port-au-Prince, the Catholic Church of Verrettes, the water reservoir(our cistern), the sewer system of Verrettes, etc. that says a lot about what this man has learned from his upbringing in Verrettes.
Verrettes has huge potential, yet our people  is now enduring  the weight of  the political mishaps and the sequels of the great earthquake of 2012. Lots of people from the South have chosen Verrettes to be their land of refuge. So not having an enterprise that would generate incomes to the people, the population is exposed to a compounded block of problems.
These problems are the reason for this websites.
- Money scarcity
-Elevated pregnancy cases among the youth.
-Disrupted education.
-Sexually-transmitted diseases, caught in the process of fighting for daily survival.
-An apparent  town neglect. 
Survival is the daily goal of the region. We are using this site to promote our town, our region, our people, our produces and products. We ask for your donations to help us fulfill our task.
With your help we will start building 2 things:



We will produce . We will give away. This will be the start of a peasants' business without investing a capital.

Can you help finance this?
 Will you help finance this?
Let's get going.